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  • Ftune Vitamin C Facewash

    ✅ Deep Cleansing.

    ✅ Brighten Skin Tone.

    ✅ Antioxidant Protection.

    ✅ Refreshes and Revitalizes.

    ✅ Nourishment and Hydration.

  • Ftune Whitening Cream

    ✅ Whitens Skin.

    ✅ Removes Acne.
    ✅ Removes Dark Spot.
    ✅ Whitens Dark Knuckles.
    ✅ Removes Under Eye Dark Circles.

  • Ftune Vitamin E Sunscreen + Moisturizer

    ✅ Daily Defense.

    ✅ Non-Greasy Formula.

    ✅ Sun Damage Prevention.

    ✅ Moisturization and Hydration.

    ✅ Protection From UVA&UVB rays.

How To use

Ftune for daily use

  • Wash

    Wash Your Face With Ftune Vitamin C Facewash.

  • Dry

    pat dry your face with a clean towel.

  • Apply

    Take required amount of Ftune Sunscreen + Moisturizer and apply it evenly to your face and exposed areas.

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  • Wash And Dry

    Wash Your Face With Ftune Vitamin C Facewash and dry your face.

  • Apply

    Apply Ftune Whitening cream evenly to your face.

  • Wash

    Wash your Face with Ftune Facewash or using water.

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