Facetune Beauty cream is a well-balanced combination of several herbal oil components that de-pigment the complexion. Facetune cream whitens the skin, removes black spots, acne, and whitens the knuckles. It also softens and brightens the skin.Facetune Beauty cream removes dead skincells, melanin deposits, and brightens your complexion, and suitable for all skin types for both men and women.



  • Our unique formula of several herbal oils and natural ingredients works effectively for your skin problem.
  • Natural ingredients like turmeric extract, water, mineral oils, sandal extraction, glutathione, etc do wonders for your skin.
  • Facetune heals blackheads, dark spots, dark circles, acne, and wrinkles
  • Our product boast ISO certification and  Ce certification.
  • Before going to bed, wash your face and dry it off

  • Apply Facetune cream on your skin

  • After waking up wash your face and pat dry

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