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Ftune Vitamin C FaceWash

Ftune Vitamin C FaceWash

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  • Vitamin C: Brighten The Skin
  • Glycerin: Prevent Dryness.
  • Aqua: Moisture the Skin
  • Aloe: Promote Healing

How to use

Day Routine

  1. Wash Your Face With Ftune Vitamin C Facewash.
  2. Pat dry your face with a clean towel.
  3. Take required amount of Ftune Sunscreen + Moisturizer and apply it evenly to your face and exposed areas.

Night Routine

  1. Wash Your Face With Ftune Vitamin C Facewash and dry your face.
  2. Apply Ftune Whitening cream evenly to your face.
  3. Wash your Face with Ftune Facewash or using water.

Return policy

Return allowed subject to requests received prior to shipment.

Ftune Vitamin C Face Wash provides your skin with a refreshing and restoring clean. Its high antioxidant content promotes healthy, bright skin and fights dullness. As the best facewash for glowing skin, it ensures your complexion stays radiant and vibrant..

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